Steve Vai's New Live DVD Went Gold In U.S. & Canada

Guitar legend, Steve Vai once again proved that making quality music can always gets you fair share or rewards even in the realm of profit. This surely can be seen from the guitar virtuoso's latest achievement in which he managed to have his latest outings a live DVD titled, "Live In Minneapolis: Where The Wild Things Are" which according to Blabbermouth have been certified Gold in U.S. and Canada.

This achievement really perfected Steve's fine year in 2009 as he also manage to get one of his song from the Live record, "Now We Run", being nominated for Grammy Awards to take the "Best Rock Instrumental" category. Surely if the track manage to win the Grammy, it would surely be the icing on the cake for Steve's amazing achievement. The award show itself is being scheduled to be done on Sunday, January 31 at the Staples Center, L.A.

Beside releasing his new live DVD on 2009, Steve actually have been busy doing his latest new project which is touring for his Master Class program dubbed the Alien Guitar Secret, that also becomes a huge success. In those time surely, the guitar legend doesn't have lots of time to record a new solo album under his label Favored Nation, however in order to make things up Steve reportedly will be heading to studio starting this January to record a new album.

Confirming about the plan to make a new record, Steve's label released a press conference not so long ago stating: In January, Steve will be going into the studio to record his first solo album in six years. Stay tuned to Favored Nations.com and Vai.com for updates and more big news for 2010!"
Congratz to Steve Vai with all of his achievement and also this 2010 is being marked as the 30years of the guitar master's musical career.

writter Dewa Nugraha

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