Six Guitarist Wanted for A Role In a Movie

Just read an interesting news that might also attract other guitar players all around this world, as it involved a chance for guitar players to play in a movie and even to make music for the film. The news came from this site, which is a movie site announcing that a new documentary movie to be titled "Six Strings" and will be directed by James Smith is searching for guitar players to play a role on the film.

Reading from James' explanation about the film, it surely would be an interesting opportunity for guitar players all around the world as they will have a media that will help them to share about their profile and may even lead them to further success. According to the director, he is not limited himself to look for a guitarist from his a certain country but all axeman from all over the world with unique stories and playing style are aloud to join.

Here is a statement about what kind of guitarist are James looking for the movie:
"I am searching for six guitarists from around the world who have incredible stories to tell. They will form part of the documentary and may have the opportunity to contribute to the music within the film. I am looking to find passionate people who maybe have developed a unique playing style or have an incredible story to tell about guitar music - how it transformed or changed their lives and more about the mystique and influence of the instrument - the more extraordinary, heart rending or radical, the better!"
more details about the term can be viewed at the site.

Haven't seen much of a movie about guitar players lately, my mind only gets back at Steve Vai's involved movie with the Karate Kid boy, Ralph Macchio, "Crossroads". I really hope some really talented guitarist with amazing story and experience can be picked, so it would be a great musical movie about guitar playing.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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