Jimmy Page Honored by U.N. for Peace Building

Music has been known as a media that can unite and even help in bringing peace to the world and off course the people behind all of that would be musicians. Lots of musician has been known for their care of peace, among those that had been acknowledge recently another well known musician received a special award due to his commitment for shouting out peace, and the man is Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page.

It was pretty much a surprise for Jimmy himself as reports from LedZeppelinnews stated that the guitar legend received the U.N.' Pathways to Peace award during his press conference announcing his inclusion for the Peace concert set to be held in Beijing this April. The award itself was the first time being given away, even though the intention of holding and giving the award is actually been considered from some time ago.

Revealing the reason the U.N. is giving the award to Page, the organization's representative Michael Johnson said to the press, "We've been asked to give awards over the years but never have done so until this day. We're doing this because musicians have a global impact on the world, and we also know that people who use their name and fame for peace building need to be honored."

Meanwhile, the guitar hero himself, despite being honored by receiving the award, humbly said that the award din not only goes to him but to music in general. "Although this award has my name on it, this is a tribute to the power of music and its positive effect. Music has been the most powerful language to reach the hearts of people around the world. During my career, I've experienced the connection and harmony that music can bring," Page said.

Video of Jimmy Page receiving the U.N.'s award:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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