Jimi Hendrix's "Valleys of Neptune" Premiered Online

An exciting news for guitar heads and music fans, especially those who admire the legendary Jimi Hendrix as the latest news confirms that a new single from the guitar master's upcoming new album has been premiered online. The new song is titled "Valleys of Neptune" and it is one of the tracks that will be on the new record filled with Hendrix's previously unreleased material, the album itself is being named the same as the new single.

The new track is being posted exclusively by Spinner.com, and you can just listen to it there and hear the amazing Hendrix's music style that made him such a legend. The tune is great, the vibe is just awesome, really a classic masterpiece that deserve to be heard to today's music society, honestly I am curious to hear more songs from the new record as it looked to be a cracking record.

Talking about the album, along with "Valleys of Neptune" it will have in total of 12 studio recording tracks that are material Hendrix has never really put in any of his album. This special record is a project conducted by Experience Hendrix LCC and Sony Music's Legacy Recording as a media to preserved and share the guitarist's legacy. The full album is being set to be released on March 9, 2010, while the song will be officially dropped to the market as a single on February 2.

The songs from the record itself is said was recorded after the "Electric Ladyland" time and will set the fans to hear how Hendrix is moving into a new direction after Ladyland. Explaining about the recordings origin, Experience Hendrix's catalog editor John McDermott said, In the aftermath of 'Electric Ladyland,' he made a series of recordings with the original Experience. When they effectively stopped working as a three-man recording unit, he brought in [bassist] Billy Cox -- this album captures that transition. We don't want to over-dramatize it. This is that missing period of time."

Here is the official track listing for "Valleys of Neptune" the album:
1. "Stone Free"
2. "Valleys of Neptune"
3. "Bleeding Heart"
4. "Hear My Train a Comin'"
5. "Mr. Bad Luck"
6. "Sunshine of Your Love" (instrumental Cream cover)
7. "Lover Man"
8. "Ships Passing Through the Night"
9. "Fire"
10. "Red House"
11. "Lullaby for the Summer"
12. "Crying Blue Rain

note: remember to listen to the song "Valleys of Neptune" check out the spinner.com link.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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