Dave Mustaine Interview At Namm 2010

The 2010 Winter NAMM has already started, and among the first guitarist that present and explaining his new gear was Dave Mustaine who revealed his new gear to Harmony Central on January 14. To the reporter, Dave give his insight on the reason he chooses and uses Marshall amps and also revealing details about his new amp model the Megastack.

Revealing about the reason he pick Marshall, Dave said that the legendary amp is the most suitable gear that can fit with the music he is playing (trash metal) and even heavy metal in general. Not only that, Megadeth's frontman also believes that some other newer amps hasn't really manage to capture the same heavy sound that the classic Marshall would give as the other gears would pretty much sounds like alternative metal than heavy metal.

Meanwhile, sharing details about the Megastack, Dave revealed that the idea to design and create the amp was based on the things he needs for practicing guitar not essentially design for live performance. The former Metallica member also said that he believes, Marshall already has such a great performance for live shows, so the Megastack was invented to give another option for guitar players in getting great sound when they are practicing back stage.

Here is the Video Interview of Dave Mustaine at NAMM 2010:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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