Video: Marty Friedman feat Andrew W.K. "Kiba"

After years of planning about collaborating with Andrew W.K., guitar master, Marty Friedman, has finally fulfilled his wishes as he is preparing to release a new single in collaboration with the rock singer. According to Blabbermouth, Marty is preparing to release a new single titled "Kiba" which reportedly will be dropped in January 27, 2010 via Avex, however this new track will be delivered on a limited edition type with the addition of a sticker and promotional DVD consisting of promotional footage.

Before getting your hands on the new single, you can first check out the video of the song below this news posting and maybe than you can pretty much decide whether Marty's new outing is something that suits your musical preference or not. The clip itself shows a cartoon description on Marty and Andrew (well sort of) who were driving around and having some funny and comical adventures. Can't really describe it more as I think it will be fair enough for you guys to describe about the video yourself.

Meanwhile, digging up info about the new single's history, I discovered that this Japanese language track has got a connection with Pachinko machine (if you don't know a think a bout pachinko just read it here). Here is a snippet of an interview Marty did explaining details of the song:

"The song is called "Kiba", which means "fang." It came about when I was offered the opportunity to write the song that you will hear if you win the highest award on the most anticipated new Pachinko machine in Japan, "Souten no Ken". In Japan this is likely the avenue which exposes music to the greatest number of people as this game will be displayed in every Pachinko center in the entire country. Andrew really went way beyond the call of duty perfecting his Japanese pronunciation to the point where locals don't even know that it is a foreigner singing. It is truly an amazing vocal performance."

check out all the latest news about Marty at his official site

here is the video of "Kiba" by Marty Friedman feat Andrew W.K.:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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