Video: Dave Mustaine Reveals Gear to PremierGuitar

A cool and interesting video has just streamed via YouTube showing two heavy weight guitarist from the metal act Megadeth, Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick, who shares all the info about the gear they are using to Premier Guitar's reporter Jordan Wagner. The video was actually shot earlier this month at Davenport, IA and sees Dave and Chris gave a clear insight on how the set up their gears and make their current trash sound that you can heard on Megadeth.

From the video, you can find the fact that Dave has been using Dean guitars for the past 4 years now and also gearing Marshall as his amps. The former Metallica member also share all the things that all guitar heads especially Megadeth's fans needs to know about setting up a gear.

Meanwhile, as for Chris, at the moment he uses a different type of guitar which is Ibanez Prestige series. However, the unique thing about it is he actually prefer another Ibanez type, the RG series, but the guitarist stated that the reason he chooses prestige is due to the trem system.

Well, to get a complete look at the two trash metal headbangers, gears set up you can just check out this cool video below and maybe if you guys have the chance you would be able to sound as good as them. Just remember getting the basic and correct sound is what matter the most, as you need to get your own characteristic sounding that will make your playing more notable than just copying everything blatantly from your favorite players.

Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick Explain Gears set up:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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