Yngwie Malmsteen to Release "High Impact" and Covers Beat It

Having just released special outings earlier this year, which were an acoustic album titled "Angels of Love" and re-releasing "The Genesis", neo-classic guitar legend, Yngwie Malmsteen, keeps on giving special stuffs to his fans by preparing to drop a new album once again. According to the guitarist's official MySpace page and official site, Yngwie will be releasing another special album titled "High Impact".

The release date for the new album is being set for two dates, which are on December 7 (EU) and December 8 (world wide). From the press release, the album is dubbed as "a mind-boggling, high-paced instrumental compilation record". Not only that, making the record more special, it will have one special track which is Yngwie's cover of the late Michael Jackson's hit song "Beat It".

With most of the songs from the record is a re-issued tracks, Yngwie's version of "Beat It" would be something that his fans would be looking to check out as it is said to be a special never been released cover song done by the shredder. The song also said to have a unique and classic touch of the guitar legend's playing, plus on vocal there is also a special appearance by Tim Reaper Owens.

As I already mentioned above, "High Impact" would be the third record that Yngwie released this year after dropping "Angels of Love" on March 10 and "The Genesis" on August 25. All the albums including the new record, mostly consist of a re-released tracks from the guitar hero's hit songs that this time is being dropped via a new label, which is the Neo-classical king's label himself, the Rising Force Records.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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