Slash Release New Single For Japan Fans

Exciting news for music fans especially those in Japan, comes from guitar legend Slash as he announced via his official my space page that he has dropped a new single at the country. The new single that the former Guns N Roses guitarist released is titled "Sahara" and it was send to the market in Japan on Wednesday, November 11.

Explaining more about his new sngle, Slash also revealed that "Sahara" is a collaborative effort that he made with Japanese musician, Koshi Inaba, who is also the member of Japanese renown rockers B'z. Adding the special gift the guitarist had for Japan music lovers, he also added one special track which is the B side of GNR's hit track "Paradise City".

The hit song, is definitely different from the original one as according to Slash, the B version is a re-arranged track that was made by the collaboration between him and his friends such as, Fergie,
Cypress Hill's B Real and Syn Dog. This could give lots of question to music fans on how would it sound like as the original track itself was known as one of GNR's best hits.

Meanwhile, regarding about his full solo album, Slash hasn't set an official date about the release of it in the U.S. or even worldwide. The guitar legend only confirmed that the tracking is done and there are only 3 songs left for mixing, moreover the guitarist also stated that it would be a lot of surprise coming for his fans.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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