Weathervanes as Themes for Songwriting

Inspiration to make songs, music or anything can be found from anywhere, anything that probably doesn't even had any correlation or whatsoever such as with weathervane and music. You guys might be wondering is there any connection between weathervanes, music and guitar, but for fun purpose I accidentally did found an interesting connection between them, which is the usage of weathervane as a theme to write songs.

The fact can be seen in some tracks titled weathervane that I stumbled on these days, and correlating it with guitar well there is one song titled weathervane that was written and played by one of the best guitarist in the world, Michael Schenker on his band MGS's album named . The song Michael wrote was not actually telling details about weathervanes, but more of using it's function as a representation of a person's attitude as it can be seen from a part of its lyrics that said, “Like a weathervane turnin when the wind is right...you're gonna keep on spinnin til ya see the ligh.”

Beside becoming a song title in one of Michael's songs, I also find the word weathervane being used as the name of an album by a band called The Gougers who named their record “A Long Day for the Weathervane song”. Though I personally haven't had a clue on why they would named their album that way, but the obvious thing is that just as Michael, the band also recognize and uses the functions of weathervane and put it into a use for their work.

Personally I think that the reason weathervane can be such an inspiring object for musicians is because of its unique functions and way of operation. The fact that the use of weathervanes is to show the direction of the wind, it can sometimes represent the feeling or attitude of a person as people who often change his mood or opinion. However, even the style or shape of weathervanes can also become an inspiration for musicians as it have many unique and inspiring models these days.

This fact kind of give me the conclusion that as long as we are creative we can actually find new and different things that can be implemented on the work we are doing, in this case, music. In order to write great music or songs, all we need to do is open or mind to lots of things in the world, finding new meanings, terms and maybe even way of thinking. Just like the example that i give you about how weathervanes can be such an inspiring themes for many musicians

written by Dewa Nugraha

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