Steve Morse to Do Free Guitar Clinic at Cheney Hall

Exciting news for guitar heads especially Steve Morse's devotees as the latest news stated that the guitar virtuoso is planning to do a guitar clinic this month. Announcing it via his official site, Steve revealed the he will be giving a clinic sponsored by Ernie Ball, MusicMan and Dubaldo music which will be held on Saturday, October 24 at 4:00 PM.

The clinic will be staged at the famous Cheney Hall, which is located at 177 Hartford Road in Manchester, Connecticut. The good news is, admission for the event is free of charge so you guitar heads can just visit the Cheney Hall and rocked out there. Moreover, the clinic itself will includes live performance, a question and answers period and also tips to improve your playing techniques.

Another details about the upcoming clinic that the attendants should now is that the seats available for the event is for 335 people with an additional standing room available and it will be a first come first serve basis system for the seating. Beside that, for the music freaks, the clinic is the time when you can purchase your favorite instruments as all Music Man and Ernie Ball items will be on sale at that time.

As and addition, Steve will not be performing alone at the clinic as he will be accompanied by renown bass player Dave LaRue. This two major musicians combination will surely gives great experience and lesson for all guitar heads and young practicing musicians out there.

Meanwhile, beside preparing for his upcoming clinic and tour, Steve also revealed another good news for his fans in the U.S. as he finally announced the release date for his new solo album titled "Out Standing in Their Field". The new record reportedly will be hitting the stores in the states on October 24.

more details about Steve Morese's and Dave LaRue clinic can be viewed at Dubaldo's official site

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written by Dewa Nugraha

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