Guitar Lesson : Pentatonic Shredding

Playing fast guitar always gives a special feeling for most guitar players, especially if you can play not only quick but accurate challenging guitar licks cleanly. There are lots of methods of producing and practicing fast guitar licks, on this edition I want to share a cool shredding lick that I came up with and personally I believe that it would work well for young guitarist who wants to be a shredder.,

The lick that I arranged below is based on Paul Gilbert's tricky “Colorado Bulldog” intro lick, it is no actually a precise copy of it but basically it has the same idea, though you can call mine is a much more simple version of Paul's. As some of you guitar heads might know Colorado Bulldog was written on E, and it has lots of “terrifying” pentatonic stretches, so I came up with a bit different pattern than PG's lick.

I named this sort of “Colorado Bulldog” style lick, “Penta Shred” which refers to Pentatonic Shredding lick. It is pretty much based on A minor pentatonic lick that I rearranged in a sort of way that it actually sounded so much like Colorado Bulldog, as maybe because I do use the same techniques that PG did, which is hammering on the first string and picking that string after it.

As you can see from the lick below, In playing the “Penta Shred” I do a (what it's called as ) sixtuplet pentatonic of A minor/C major . The pattern is similar to Colorado Bulldog, as I hit the C note (downstroke) and hammering on D and E than for the second part of the sixtuplet, I pick another three notes (D-E-G) alternately, starting with an upstroke. That's the whole pattern from top to bottom for the ascending part as for the descending part, I play the same exact note from the latter to the top and ad A minor note in the end. The different thing from the ascending part is off course instead of using hammer on, I kick start the part with pull-offs.

If you guys have practice, Colorado Bulldog than you would be familiar with this kind of lick, it is as previously said an easier finger exercise technique compare to Paul's crazy stuff. I also believe that it would be a good practice for any level especially for those at intermediate as it would still be a little tough for beginner to play it cleanly. As for the tempo, I set 102 on my metronome as a basic practicing speed that you can always speed up as fast as you can, due remember playing it cleanly is always your first goal rather than trying to speed things up but making lots of mess all around.

Although it is not actually 100% originally created lick, I do hope that it will work well for those who are practicing their skills and plan to be the next shredder, it may not be a spectacular lick but it would help your fingering and your speed control. I will keep posting another cool lick that I can came up with that will help young and beginner guitar players to take up a speed and prove that you can shred too!!!!! Rock On!

If you guys have the Power Tab program, let me now as I can provide you with the download link of it.

Written by Dewa Nugraha

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