George Lynch's Soul Of We Premiered New Music Video

As an attempt to further promote his new project band,Soul of We, earlier this week guitar hero George Lynch premiered a music video from the band. The new clip was made for the band's first single titled the "Skeleton Key" taken from their debut album named "Let The Truth Be Known".

The clip itself looked to be shoot during one of the band's live performance as it only sees shots of George and the band members performing at a intimate venue. The quality of the video however was very good as you can really hope that they will probably released a live DVD version of their concerts.

The band itself is one of George's project aside from his Lynch Mob that also released a new record this year, on Soul Of We, the guitar hero teams up with the likes of London LeGrand (vocals), Johnny Chow (bass), and Yael (drums). The band's album itself was released on May 2008 and during it's recording process the rockers were assisted by lots of renown musicians such as drummer Morgan Rose (Sevendust) and bassist Fred Leclercq (Dragonforce).

Revealing more exciting stuffs about Soul Of We and the making of their album "Let The Truth Be Known, George stated, "We went in to this project with no funding, no label, no producer and no band. We were just doing demos and making the music that we wanted to make. There was no one looking over our shoulders and no deadlines." Meanwhile, explaining about meaning of the songs from the record, London said, "The songs are very personal to me. Growing up, I was really quiet and shy and writing was my way of being heard. There are a lot of kids out there that think they're in this world alone. I want to let them know they're not alone. We are all the souls of we."

Infos about George can be viewed at the Guitarist's official site or his MySpace page as for Soul Of We just check out their MySpace page

The official Music Video of Soul Of We's "Skeleton Key" :

written by Dewa Nugraha

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