George Lynch Talks Dokken-Lynch Mob Tour Possibility

The legendary guitar hero revealed an interesting statement in his latest interview as he stated that he won't mind to do a tour together with his former band Dokken. The guitarist said that he would love to have his current band Lynch Mob and his old band Dooken hitting the road together in the future.

The guitar legend revealed an interesting statement during his latest interview with Kevin "Taz" Conklin of "The Big Dumb Radio Show" (web site). Answering to Kevin's question about whether his band Lynch Mob would do a tour to promote their latest album "Smoke and Mirrors", George said he is planning to do a tour with Lynch Mob and not only that he also wants his ex-band Dokken to team up with them.

Revealing his plan to do Dokken-Lynch Mob Tour, George said, "I'm talking a little preemptively here, but one of the things on the table is a potential DOKKEN-LYNCH MOB tour — kind of like thatWWF spectacle where you come out with all that history and get people talking, and that's always good." Jokingly the guitar legend also added, "And we'll play someDOKKEN songs as well in our set. And they're welcome to play someLYNCH MOB songs, but that's not gonna happen... I'm kidding."

Moreover, when being asked if the tour should happen would George do a short reunion with Dokken on stage, the guitarist stated that he would. "Absolutely. That's be part of the deal. I'd come out at the end and we'd have a little reunion, and it'd be awesome. Me and Don [Dokken] could come out, make out for a while, and then we'd dive into a couple of old DOKKEN songs for old times' sake," George said.

In other news, Lynch Mob's new album itself has already been released in Europe on September 18, however for fans in the U.S. are being forced to wait a bit longer as the new record titled "Smoke & Mirrors" will be dropped on October 13. The band itself at the moment is consist of George (guitar), Oni Logan (vocals), Marcos Mendoza (bass) and Scot Coogan (drums).

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written by Dewa Nugraha

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  1. Grammy nominated guitarist George Lynch reunites with LYNCH MOB for a new 2011 US tour.

    2011 Lynch Mob Tour dates include:

    1/21/11 Tucson, AZ
    1/24/11 Denver, CO
    1/25/11 Lincoln, NE
    1/26/11 St. Paul, MN
    1/27/11 Indianapolis, IN
    1/28/11 Westland, MI
    1/29/11 Bolingbrook, IL
    1/31/11 New York, NY
    2/02/11 Cambridge, On
    2/03/11 Poughkeepsie, NY
    2/04/11 Springfield, VA
    2/05/11 Newark, DE
    2/07/11 Greensboro, NC
    2/08/11 Buford, GA
    2/10/11 Kansas City, MO
    2/11/11 Oklahoma City, OK
    2/12/11 Houston, TX
    2/13/11 Dallas, TX

    Details about the new Lynch Mob 2011 Tour can be found at www.GeorgeLynch.com


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