Enjoying Holiday Season With Music and Nativity Scene

The holiday season is coming soon and there are lots of fun things that people have been waiting and cant wait to be doing, such as enjoying the lovely snow, holiday music, relaxing time with family and loved ones and putting Christmas accessories such as nativity scene, Christmas trees, etc. Among those interesting list of expected things on holiday time, there are two things that interest me more are listening to holiday songs and seeing lovely nativity scene.

The reason that makes me have so much interest on those two things above is because both of them manage to create that unique and comforting atmosphere for me. Although the enjoyment of having music and nativity sets are different, but the result that I feel after enjoying both are pretty much the same. For me either holiday music or native scene have the ability to create such a joyful atmosphere that I always looking forward to have during the holiday season.

Just as we know, holiday music is the thing that we will only hear and enjoy during holiday times as the feeling and atmosphere of listening to that joyful tunes will definitely sparks our holiday season. Moreover, during holiday this kind of music is being played not only by specialist musicians but also lots of famous musicians. As a guitarist I have noted some great names that loves to play this kind of tunes, such as Steve Lukather, Nuno Bettencourt and Neil Zaza. The latter has been playing holiday songs regularly for some time along with his band One Silent Night, which will be performing in December

Meanwhile, similar to holiday music and other classic holiday stuffs, nativity scene is also the thing that we can only find and enjoy during the holiday season. Being the depiction to celebrate Jesus' birth, nativity scene surely become a classic items that has the sense of art that will also creates peaceful and warmth feeling in your living area or anywhere you see it. Having lovely nativity sets and enjoying it while listening to holiday tunes would just be a perfect and relaxing moment that I would prefer in spending my holiday time.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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