Steve Vai Auctioned His Music Rig

Fans who will be coming to Steve Vai's New DVD premier on September 15 are set to be given a special treat, especially for those who will also attend the auction session. Confirming the news via his official newsletter, Steve already confirm the items that he will be auctioning at the event, which will be his music rig.

New update regarding Steve Vai's Official DVD premiere, which is set to be held today on September 15, after confirming the schedules and stuffs now Steve has also revealed the things that he will be auctioning at the premiere. Stating the news via his official newsletter and website, Steve announced that he will be giving out the exact replica of his concert rig to the bidder.

The news is surely an exiting thing for many Steve's fans as they will have the chance to get their own exclusive copy of the guitar maestro's music equipments that he often uses on tours.
Here are the complete list of stuffs from Steve that fans can bid:
(1) Original Steve Vai owned Jem ("Bad Horsie I"I guitar used on the Fire Garden tour)
(2) Carvin Legacy II heads
(2) 4x12 Carvin Legacy cabinets*
(1) Bad Horsie Wha Wha pedal*
(1) Little Alligator Volume pedal*
(1) Ibanez Jemini distortion pedal
(1) Digitech Whammy pedal*
(1) Original SV TC –G force*

All rig components are wired with premium DiMarzio cables.
Moreover, regarding the time limit for the auction Steve's web stated that it will end on September 21 at 3:45 PM PDT.

However, the special surprise for fans who joins the bid will not be all as Steve also prepares other great offers for the highest bidder at the auction. The guitar virtuoso stated that he will also write and dedicate a special song for the top bidder, which will be sold on iTunes where all the benefits goes to the Hollywood Arts. Another bonus that the highest bidder bound to get are a very special thank you in the next Vai record; a commemorative DVD plaque, a 1-hour private lesson with Steve (Steve will come to the winner's house if they are located in Los Angeles); and the winner will be invited to an EVO experience (including concert tickets) in the town of their chose on the next tour. Now who would want to miss out on such an opportunity, so if you would like to have a closer look on the ex-White Snake guitarist's musicality just sign on to the bidding contest now.

More complete news about the bidding and Steve Vai can be viewed at his official site
You can also order Steve Vai's upcoming New Live DVD titled "Live In Minneapolis - Where The WIld Things Are" here:

Here is a sneak preview for the new DVD, that can also be viewed via Steve Vai's official YouTube:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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