Music, Fire, Torches and the Atmosphere It Creates

Some people believes that music is the thing that spark and light up their life, kind of like the fire that bright up the cold and dark. Resembling the music as fire, I would think that music instruments can be seen as the torch which is the place to light up that fire, and in terms of the instruments it is the place to keep and voice out the music. Speaking about music, fire and torch the three actually makes an exciting combination as having garden torches around your living area may transform it into a place that brings inspirational moments to make music.

The fact that torches gives something exotic and unique to our living area, especially when you can put them in a perfect place that fits well with the surroundings, it surely will make a room that gives many inspiration. Not only that, having either garden torches or patio torches at your living area would makes it more artistic, beautiful and creates that romantic atmosphere that will make you closer with your loved ones.

Moreover, with the various types of torches available, you can actually pick the ones that are suitable for your personal taste. If you're so much into romantic stuff, picking a Hanging Torch would be the best option as its style really gives you that romantic vibe all around; however, if you are after a more relaxing and adventure kind of look than a Standing Torch might just be the one for you; beside the two choices another type of torch that is also available is the Table Top Torches which could be an alternative pick for you.

For your information, the combination of torches, fire and music is actually a common thing that we can already see especially in music videos. Many videos that I've seen in the past have either patio torches or garden torches as its background, I can't really remember all the videos that uses fire and torches but if I'm not wrong Michael W Smith and Rick Price have used them in one of their clips. This really just added more proves of how fire, torches and music are somehow strangely connected. For me having patio torches or garden torches would definitely create that unique atmosphere that can spark my mood in playing and making music or just simply listening to it while relaxing with my loved ones.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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