Music and Food: from Deadheads to Eggheads

Fans or followers are an interesting subject to talk about as they always give an interesting aspect to whatever that they loved and followed. I was actually thinking that music was the means that makes people are attracted to follow, as we can see many band and musicians always have a huge fan base . However I found out something interesting on the net which is the fact that now even a charcoal cooker has a cult followers similar to those bands' die hard groupies. The charcoal cooker that I was referring too is the famous Big Green Egg Grills which had followers named “Eggheads”, and somehow reminds me of Grateful Dead's die hard fans the “Deadheads”.

Though this subject may not left a huge interest in some people's mind but to me it's just an interesting phenomena to look on and just discovering how actually a charcoal cooker can somehow be “compared” to a legendary band, well at least in one aspect which is having a die hard followers. Both Eggheads and Deadheads do give an important and significant role on either the Big Green Egg and Grateful Dead's development especially in the marketing context. With many cult followers, not only they will bought products but the devotees does things or event to help promote those they support.

For the Deadheads, as they are supporting a great band like the Grateful Dead, the fans' support to the band is not different to those other band groupies. Some of the Deadheads members would not only buy the legendary band's record and watch a one of concert but also joins and followed the rockers on tour for years, not to mention making their own name notice by people especially those in the music Industry. Another interesting fact about the deadheads is that they are being known as a “polite” fans as they barely cause riot or problems for security officers at any Grateful Dead's shows.

Meanwhile, as for the Eggheads who are groups that consists of amateur chefs that loved and uses the Big Green Egg's products, they do similar stuffs to show their affection to the grill just as much as the deadheads does for their beloved band. Although off course the Egghead won't be found at a music concert but they also do a similar mass event, which is conducting a special gathering called the Eggtoberfest which being held annually every October. At the festival, the Eggheads will gather and try out every recipes that can be made with the famous ceramic charcoal cooker, with the ability of the Big Green Egg that can be used as a smoker barbecue, a barbecue grill and even as an oven, theres surely lots of foods that can be made with the Egg shaped cooker. Moreover, with the growing popularity of the Grill among the people, these days there are many festivals aside from the Eggtoberfest that are being held throughout the U.S. And the world, and the event is being called “Egg Fest”.

In the end what I can conclude from this unique findings that music isn't the only thing that can attract people to gather and show love and affection to the musicians, but many things also as long it have the quality and good marketing promo can also attract cult followers. Not only that, from the phenomena of Deadheads and Eggheads, I also believes that fans have a great in promoting or making the thing that they support more popular as they would and could affect others in following their footsteps in loving the thing that they support. As for me, well I kind of love both, music and food is something fun to combine, just imagine yourself having a barbecue party at your back yard while playing or listening to Grateful Dead's music and having a Big Green Egg grill to cook your food, that would be one cool party indeed.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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