Mattias Ia Eklundh Confirmed Freak Kitchen's New Album Release Date

After confirming that he will be releasing his band's new album this year, the Swedish guitar maestro finally confirmed the official date for the upcoming record's release. According to the guitarist's official site at the moment there are already two dates for two European countries which is for Swedish and U.K. release.

Following the news about Mattias Ia Eklundh's band Freak Kitchen's new album, the Swedish guitar hero has just posted a new update regarding the album's official release date. Revealing the news on his official MySpace page, Mattias confirmed the dates for Freak Kithen's "Land of The Freak" release date in U.K. and Sweden.

Writing on his MySpace, the Swedish guitar master stated that for his hometown market, Freak Kitchen's new CD will be dropped on October 21 via Bonnier Amigo, Universal, Rockweiller ltd. Meanwhile as for the U.K. market, Mattias said that his band's new record will be hitting the stores on October 19 through Proper Music.

Beside preparing for Freak Kitchen's new record, Mattias also has other projects that he is set to dropped soon, such as a new tuition record and a solo album. Regarding his tuition record that will be titled "Freak Guitar - Grow Your Own Mousthace Vol 2 is also being set to be dropped this year, however no official date is being confirmed as just yet. As for his upcoming solo album, which will be titled Freak Guitar - "The Smorgasbord", the guitar hero stated that it will probably be dropped next year as at the moment he is still very busy with other projects.

Here is the official track listing for Freak Kitchen's "Land of The Freaks":
1. God Save the Spleen
2. Hip Hip Hoorah
3. Teargas Jazz
4. Sick? (Death by Hypochondria)
5. OK
6. Honey, You’re a Nazi
7. The Only Way
8. Murder Groupie
9. The Smell of Time
10. One Last Dance
11. Do Not Disturb
12. Clean it Up

written by Dewa Nugraha

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