Jason Becker Shares Exciting Guitar Player Award Night

The guitar legend shares his personal feeling after being awarded at the latest Guitar Player Live event that was held on September 11. Jason was overwhelmed with the acknowledgment he receives and also gives a beautiful words that was read on stage by his dead at the event.

Following previous news about Jason Becker's involvement at the latest Guitar Player Live event, where he was being awarded the "Jason Becker Award" for the legendary guitarist amazing contribution and dedication to the would of guitar playing. The award itself was given on September 11, and along with the handing of the award there was also performances from Jason's friends and fellow guitar master such as Michael Lee Firkins, Richie Kotzen and Chris Duarte.

Through his official MySpace blog page, Jason shouted his happiness of being awarded by the renown magazine and also praised the performances of his fellow guitar players comrades. "I had such a blast on September 11th. It was the first night of Guitar Player Live! in Livermore, CA. The show was so great. Michael Lee Firkins was awesome! Then my pops, Serrana and I went on stage to receive the first Guitar Player Jason Becker award for Creativity, Courage and Inspiration. Mike Molenda said some sweet and embarrassing stuff about me. Ha ha. Mike Varney read a letter from Marty Friedman. My dad read something I had written. Chris Duarte played a fantastic SRV set! Then Richie Kotzen was amazing and soulful! It was so much fun hanging with everyone back stage," Jason wrote.

The award given to the ex-Cacophony guitarist was surely something that he really and truly deserved, despite of his miss fortune with the ALS syndrome, Jason has really proved his amazing dedication to music and guitar. Until this date the guitar legend still makes music with the help of a special program and also the assistant of his friends such as Michael lee, Greg Howe and many more.

Beside the award Jason received at the event one of the highlight an interesting thing at the Guitar Player Live that day is the words that the guitar virtuoso wrote that was being read by his dad. The words were the true feeling that he has been keeping inside for years and it is touching to hear as well.
Here is the words from Jason quoted from his official MySpace page:

20 years ago I thought I knew my purpose in life.
I could hold it in my hands.
It had six strings and a body made from a tree.
It was alive like a storm.
It flooded all my pleasure and pain down a river of music.
It was my friend and my very Soul.
It was my Guitar.

Then one day
it began to leave me.
It got heavier and slower
until I could not even pick it up anymore
and the music died.

Until I realized
the music was not just in my guitar.
It was in my heart.
I just needed a way to let it out again.
Fortunately I had great friends
who helped me learn new ways.

More about this just check out Jason' MySpace page guys!!

written by Dewa Nugraha

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