Guitar Player to Award Jason Becker

The renown magazine and website has just give something special for the legendary guitar virtuoso as an acknowledgment for his dedication to music and the guitar world. The award is named the Jason Becker Award and will be given to the guitar master himself at Guitar Player's upcoming event next week.

Finally a just and deserved appreciation for his contribution and dedication to the music world and the guitar realm is being given to guitar legend Jason Becker. The award named "The Jason Becker Award" is being given by Guitar Player and will be officially handed during the website/magazine's upcoming event on September 11.

Personally I believe this award is something that should have been done earlier, still is a big credit to Guitar Player for acknowledging Jason's amazing dedication in the world of guitar itself. The guitar legend has been such a great inspiration for many people especially young guitarists out there, despite his misfortune due to suffering from ALS syndrome, Jason kept on creating music with all means that he can come up with, simply because of his love and passion for music.

The first time I've ever heard about Jason, I was mesmerized with his amazing talent, but bitter at the same time knowing that I didn't manage to see him playing his guitar live again on stage. However, reading how he kept on fighting for what he believes on and keep on striving to create great music with his eyes, it is truly something that Inspired me a lot and kind of giving the statement that no matter how hard is the obstacles as long as you would try hard, you can do it. More complete story about the amazing guitarist can be check out at his official site or his official MySpace page

Meanwhile, regarding the Guitar Player's upcoming event dubbed the Guitar Player Live, the event actually is a special 3 days musical feast that start from September 11-13. Beside honoring an award to Jason, the show will be headlined by performance by guitar heroes such as Richie Kotzen, Jennifer Batten, Steve Lukather and many more. More info about all of the details of the upcoming event can be viewed at Guitar Player's official site

written by Dewa Nugraha

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