Finding Musical Inspiration With A Garden Fountain

There are many ways to get an inspiration when playing music, for me getting a good and relaxing environment around is one of the best ways of getting inspired to make or playing music. That's why I always though that having a nice area at home as a relaxing spot is a necessary, especially for musicians or any creative people, as it would be the place where we can refresh our mind and find new ideas. My most ideal though about such a place is a lovely garden that has enough space and and with an extra accessories to make it more comforting such as a garden fountain.

The reason why I choose a garden fountain as the main tool to spark up my garden at home, is because the advantages that it can provide us. Having a fountain, gives more than just an artistic value to our garden but also some other things that you might never think of, such as the musical vibe it it brings and also the comfort it creates. Just try to imagine yourself relaxing at you garden, while listening to the sound of the trickling water from the fountain, that kind of situation would definitely get my mood and inspiration back on.

Moreover, as we also know the artistic value of having a garden fountain which will surely make your garden looks more delicious in the eye. Not only that, garden fountains are usually made with an unique style and various types, that will definitely made us easy to pick the one that would suit our garden theme and personality. Some of the fountains type that i know are the Solar Fountains, Sienna Fountain and the Monaco Fountain, all of those types offers different styles that you can choose based on your own personal liking.

However, among the three types that I have mentioned above, there is one that I would probably refer at this moment especially for those who are concern with the nature, that is the Solar Fountain. The Solar Fountain is an Eco-friendly garden fountain, that not only gives a spark of magic to your garden or any of your outdoor living space but also harmless to the ecosystem and nature. Other advantages that the friendly fountain offer is saving your money on Electricity bill as it operates in a direct sunlight with a low-voltage water pump which will recycle the same water for the fountain.

So if you ever feeling that depress while writing a song, or searching an inspiration somewhere, just try to create a lovely outdoor space for your own pleasure. Having a lovely garden with all the instruments such as a garden fountain around would certainly help to refresh your mind. However if your leisure outdoor time didn't bring an instant inspiration, but at least with having a quality relaxing hours, you will find a better shape to look for new musical ideas.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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  1. That fountain makes a good focal point in any garden. It's got the perfect size and shape to fit in any corner.


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