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MP3 and music downloading have become such a common need for music lovers these days, as we can see many people would rather download a song from the artists before or instead of buying the musicians albums. One of the thing that made people chooses to download MP3 these days is because it is simple, cheaper and there are many websites that provides MP3 download services.

Among many MP3 download sites, there is one site that might interest you, the name is downloadmp3z.net. Just like other sites like this, downloadmp3z, gives a huge database of artists and songs that you can search and download. However one plus thing about the site is it's easy on the eye design that despite not to fancy but it won't annoy you with many ads or unorganized list.

Beside the simple and comforting layout design, one thing that might surprise many music users is the artists roosters that the sites provides on their genres page. Not only providing latest or common hit artist the web also gives some top notch solo guitarists works, as if you check out their Instrumental Rock page, you can see and download music from Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan, Richie Kotzen and many more. Although not all of the songs from those guitar virtuosos are being listed, still is their addition on the site gives more plus point to the site, which also have lots of artists from various musical genres on their list.

So despite many competitions on the business, downloadmp3z.net surely be among the top sites on music fans list, well at least I will certainly put it there. However personally I still hope that the site would add more stuffs from guitar instrumentalist musicians on their data banks, so it would make the site a favorable for lots of guitar heads out there, including myself.


written by Dewa Nugraha

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