Discovering the Musicality of Wind Chimes

Following my previous posting about wind chimes, I would like to add more interesting things about it especially its musicality. As I had explain in my earlier Blog entry, wind chimes have a strong musical vibes about it and making my statement more clearer, I just found out about this cool wind chimes that really provides musical delight for us. The new product I meant is chime from Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes, the stuff created by the manufacturer really impresses me as it really gives such an interesting musical vibe.

The thing that makes Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes have more musicality compare from other wind chimes are the details that they give to the products, tuning in the chimes in various types of musical scales are something that really interest me. The scales that you can discover by purchasing this unique product are the familiar Pentatonic, Chinese, Westminster, Quartal and Mongolian scales and also the more exotic Hawaiian, Japanese, Balinese, Whole Tone, Aquarian and Gypsy scales. Not only that, proving his worth as a musical chimes, this Texas hand made wind chimes had a very notable nick name which is the Stradivarius of Wind Chimes.

Surely there aren't many manufacturer that gives such an amazing details to music than Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes does. Being developed since 1989, the wind chimes from the company are known to have the finest quality and details in its making process. The products are made from tempered aluminum tubing that will guarantee the wind chimes rust free and also withstand the elements. Not only that, despite the highly detailed making process, the usage of the wind chimes are not too complicated, as to get the harmonies that you like all you have to do is just move or adjust the size of the windcatcher.

From what I can found there are two basic models of Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes, which are the Soprano 30 and the 14' Basso Soprando. Both models have their own unique styles that will allow you to pick which one that suits you more, as speaking of the musical quality both types of products are surely great stuffs. However, personally I am stunned by the Soprano 30 model as it has an extremely huge size of 14 feet long, this wind chime surely is something more than just your usual garden decoration tool and it would more likely becoming an artistic piece for your living area either outdoor or indoor.

Personally i believe this wind chimes would be very fun thing to have for musicians or arts lover as it have a unique style and great musical vibes. Moreover, this chimes could also be an interesting learning instrument for practicing musicians, with the precise tuning of a standard orchestral pitch young musicians will definitely have the chance to learn the unique musical scales coming from the wind chimes. Especially with the way the products is being manufactured, the company confirms that Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes will provide a superior sound, tonality and clarity which is also durable outdoor.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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