Creating a Romantic Moment With Music and Fireplace

Many people dreams about having a lovely and romantic time, personally there are things that I believe can help brought that precious moment to us, those things are music, arts and a comfortable living area to live in. Just having one of them would already helps you a lot in building a romantic vibe, but if you have the chance to combine more than one ideas that I mentioned above, the chance of reliving that lovely moments is surely bigger. As for me, to create that romantic time with my love ones I would love to spend it by listening or playing music in front of a warm outdoor fireplace, it would definitely create a wonderful atmosphere and feeling that I always dream of having.

The reason I chooses music as one of the main instrument to create a romantic feel is because of my love of music and also that music itself is an expression of our deepest feeling. As we know love is a feeling that comes from the heart, so I truly believe that the connection between music and love is very-very strong. However, just having lovely tunes still doesn't quite makes it for me, so to perfectly creates the romantic atmosphere needed, I would try to make a comfortable space in my living area with the addition of a lovely outdoor fireplace to make the evening warm.

By choosing an outdoor fireplace as my living area accessories, I certainly would prefer to have a musically romantic time outdoor as it is kind of an uncommon thing to do as people usually prefers to have a romantic time indoor rather than outdoor. However, I always liked fresh air better than anything and so I'd definitely pick an outdoor place to do the thing that i loved most with my loved ones. As for the reason I wanted an Outdoor fireplace to accompany my leisure outdoor activity is because it is simple but can completes your special evening.

The thing that interest me the most from having an outdoor fireplace as my main tool is simply because these days fireplaces, especially the outdoor types have very varied styles and shapes that will easily fit at any outdoor area. Moreover, an outdoor fireplace can really give quite a lot of pleasure than if you compare to fire pits, the reason for that is because fireplace have more visible look that makes it enjoyable to look from any angles and not only that outdoor fireplaces usually are equipped with chimney and spark arrestor that makes people much more comfortable being around it.

In the end as I already mentioned above, there are many way to create a romantic evening with your love ones, and enjoying music in an outdoor area accompanied with a lovely fireplace would be something that you would try. Personally the fact that I love music, makes me without any hesitation to pick that option as my girl also loves to write poem so we would definitely enjoy that warm and comfortable evening in an artistic way. She would make poetry, and I would make a song out of her poems, well that would be my perfect romantic moment.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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