Carl Verheyen to Do Master Class at ICMP

Exciting news comes from guitar heads in U.K. as the latest news stated that guitar hero, Carl Verheyen is scheduled to do a master class at ICMP (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance). The Supertramp, guitarist is set to give lots of amazing and interesting knowledge for young musicians out there especially those who residents in London or somewhere near the U.K.'s capital.

An exciting news arrives for guitar heads in U.K. especially those who lives near London as Institute of Contemporary Music Performance) is set to invite guitar master Carl Verheyen to do a master class at the institute. The news was confirmed by the Institute's official newsletter which stated that Carl will be staging his class on October 27.

Moreover, the official press release from the ICMP also stated that all the students from the institute who attends the upcoming event, will be given a special opportunity to perform with Carl at an educational masterclass. However, there are no official statement confirming whether the event is available for attendants outside of the Institute, for more info about it just contact ICMP at:
020 7328 0222

Giving more details about Carl, beside being known as Supertramp's lead guitarist, he is also being heralded as one of the top guitarist in the world, as his qualities has been acknowledge by Guitar Magazine and also received and award from LA Music Award as "Best Guitarist". Currently the guitarist is also being busy with his session work as he works in many music projects with many music superstar, such as Cristina Aguilera, Dolly Parton, Bee Gees and Cher.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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