Richie Kotzen Reveals New Album's Release Date

After previously confirming that he has finished the work for his new album, the ex-Mr Big guitarist finally announced the official release date for his upcoming CD. The new record will be the follow up for his previous outings "Go Faster".

Finally after revealing that the title of his new album, guitar virtuoso has now announced the release date for his upcoming CD titled "Peace Sign". The confirmation about Richie's new album's release date, was stated on his official site, in which the site wrote "Peace Sign" 9/9/09, which means that the record will be dropped on September 9. Not only that he also confirmed the date on his official MySpace page.

Despite revealing the release date and title for the new CD, Richie hasn't added more things about "Peace Sign". It looks like he is still focusing on his current tour dates, as he still have lots of schedule for a trip in October through December.

Back on his upcoming album, "Peace Sign" will be the follow up to his latest solo record "Go Faster" that was outed in 2007 in the US. Though it may seem that it was 2 years ago, Richie actually has been constantly releasing new stuffs each year. In 2008 he drops a special Live album (Live in Sao Paolo) while earlier this year he released a new project with Richie Zito called Wilson Hawk.

The work for the new album itself was being done during his break time after doing his long South American and Europe tour earlier this year. Richie revealed the news that the new album's process is done in July, via his official newsletter.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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