Mr. Big Live at Javarockingland Videos

The reunited rock act really rocked Jakarta on August 8 at the Javarockinland festival held in Ancol, Jakarta. The band consist of Paul Gilbert, Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan and Pat Torpey stunned the crowd with their kick ass performance and amazing musical skills

As it was confirmed before, reunited super rock group Mr. Big kept their promise and rock out their fans in Indonesia at the new music festival dubbed the Javarockingland 2009. The band showed a great performance as they managed to get the nearly 20.000 chanting and singing with them despite the show was staged at a very late hour (11.00 P.M. local time)

Mr. Big played pretty much all of their massive hits that are well known by the fans in Indonesia such as, "Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy", "Green Tinted 60's Mind", "Take Cover", "To Be With You", "Just Take My Heart", their latest song Next Time Around and many more. One of the most highlighted performance that the band did was when Paul and Billy did their famous guitar v bass duel, the two simply amazed the crowd that could give nothing more than a big applause to their performance that night.

Mr. Big appearance at the event was to mark their recent reunion and as the follow up of their recent reunion tour in Japan. The rock act, is actually very familiar to Indonesian crowd as they have been there more than once and the rockers fans' in the country are undoubtedly large. As once again the band proves that making great and skillful music can get you respect and joy no matter where you are as true fans will always be there to support your music.

After their show, the band will take a short rest before continuing their reunion tour to Europe that will start in September. According to their official site, the rock act will kick off their European leg on September 4 in Tallin, Estonia and set to end on October 1 in Sofia, Bulgaria. For European fans, if you have the chance to catch them don't hesitate, cause they will definitely rock your world and give you a night of a lifetime.

Videos of Mr. Big Performance at the Javarockingland:
Mr. Big playing "Just Take My Heart

Mr. Big playing Take Cover and Green Tinted Sixties Mind:

Mr. Big playing "Next Time Around":

written by Dewa Nugraha

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