Mattias Ia Eklundh to Release Two New Albums

The Swedish-born guitar hero announced that he will be releasing two now albums soon. The first is a new CD with his band Freak Kitchen, which is set to be dropped this fall ant the second one will his solo record which will be outed next year.

It looks like this coming months will be a busy time for Swedish guitar master Mattias Ia Eklundh, as he beside having lots of clinic and shows he is also working on two new albums. Revealing the news on his official website, Mattias stated that he will be dropping one record with his band Freak Kitchen and the other one is a solo record.

Explaining more about his upcoming album with Freak Kitchen, Mattias said that the new record will be named "Land of the Freaks" consisting of 12 new tracks and it is set to be dropped this fall. Meanwhile, for his upcoming solo album, Mathias stated that the record will be named Freak Guitar - "The Smorgasbord", however due to his hectic schedule, "The Smorgasbord" would probably be released in 2010.

Moreover, revealing more details about his new solo record, Mattias stated that on "The Smorgasbord", he is working with lots of great musicians such as, Björn Fryklund, V. Selvaganesh, Jonas Hellborg. Beside them, the guitarist also said that he will be assisted by many guitar players on the new LP, "A whole bunch of amazing guitar playing friends will participate on the album," he said.

Beside preparing for his albums, Mattias is currently busy doing tours for shows and clinic, his closest show schedule is on August 15 in Jonkoping, Sweden. According to his tour dates which is listed on his site, the guitar virtuoso's trip will end on November 28 in Stockholm, Sweden.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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