Marty Friedman to Perform With Aikawa Nanase

The ex-Megadeth guitarist keep adding on his busy schedule as the latest news stated that the guitar virtuoso will be doing some more activities this year. Among some things that he will do, one of the most exciting one is his upcoming performance with local Japanese musician Aikawa Nanase.

Marty Friedman adds another activities on his already tight schedule as according to his official website, the guitarist is set to do some stuffs later this year. Some exciting things that Marty will do are, being featured on 2 episodes of BS-Japan's "Sweet Jam", Having his soundtrack aired on NHK Drama "Hakken no Oscar" and also the most exciting one is performing with Japan's top singer Aikawa Nanase on stage at C.C. Lemmon Hall Tokyo on September 9.

On the first activities, which is being featured on "Sweet Jam", the guitarist's official site revealed that show itself will show a rare look on Marty's personal life. Not only that on the 2 episodes show that will be aired on Thursdays (September 17 and September 24) at 10 P.M. local time.

As for the story behind Marty's participation on the local Japan Drama, "Hakken no Oscar", the ex-Megadeth guitarist's site revealed that Marty has actually recorded music for the Drama soundtrack since earlier this summer. In order to hear Marty's music, his fans in Japan can tune in to the Drama that airs every Friday on NHK at 10 P.M. and every Monday on Hi-Vision at 6 P.M.

Meanwhile, for his upcoming show with Aikawa Nanase, Marty and the Japanese hit singer won't have a hard time on collaborating as it is not their first time they work together. Marty and Aikawa, have been working together since 2003 and they keep on collaborating until 2006 after that, although they didn't collaborate much, but Marty still helps the singer once in a while.
Complete news about the guitar virtuoso can be viewed on Marty's official site

written by Dewa Nugraha

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