Marty Friedman to Do In-Store Appearances InTokyo

Promoting his new album "Tokyo Jukebox" the guitar virtuoso is set to do a special In-Store performances in Tokyo on August 30. Marty will be doing performances and meet and greet with his fans there, so what are you waiting for guys!!Be there!

An exciting news arrives for Marty Friedman fans in Japan, as the guitarist will be doing a special appearance in support of his new album, "Tokyo Jukebox"'s promo. According to the guitar master's official site, Marty will be making an In-Store appearances on Saturday, August 29 at Rock Inn in Shijuku and on the next day, August 30 at Rock Inn in Kashiwa.

On both appearances, that will began at 5 P.M. (Local Time) Marty will be doing some activities such as a meet and greet session, a Q and A session and also performing songs from his new record. The website suggested that fans who doesn't want to miss out this great opportunity to come early as the show is expected to be a full packed one.

Beside the upcoming promo plan, Marty also has other exciting stuffs going on as he will be doing some unique collaboration with local Japanese musicians in the upcoming days. The musicians that will be collaborating with the ex-Megadeth axeman are Katsumi Watanabe (a legendary Jazz/Fussion guitarist) and J-Pop Icon band Orange Range.

Another interesting news from Marty that his official site's shared was his recent meet up with one of his favorite Japan Artists Aya Matsuura. They hooked up at a show for a Japan radio, NHK's 40th Anniversary, where they were doing a live broadcast there, chatting, talking and playing each other songs and simply having a great time.

More details and updates about Marty's work can be checked out at his official site

written by Dewa Nugraha

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