Guitar Legend Les Paul Passed Away at 94

Sad day arrives for guitar world as they has lost one of their legends once again. On Thursday, August 13, legendary guitarist Les Paul has passed away at the age of 94, leaving the guitar legacy mourn once again.

August 13 was dubbed as a sad day for many guitar players and lovers as on that day another guitar legend has passed away. Lester William Polsfuss or many people known as Les Paul, has died leaving sad tears of many musicians and current guitar heroes, who always remembered his legacy.

The guitar legend died because of complications from pneumonia at a White Plains hospital located in White Plains, New York. On his last day, he was surrounded with the affection of his family and loved ones who stayed with him at the hospital.

Les Paul's death, bring griefs to many renown guitar players as soon after the news of his death emerged many fellow guitarists saluted the legend by giving their words of tribute which can be seen at Rollingstone.com . Famous names, such as Joe Satriani, Slas, John Mayer, Tom Morello and Ace Frehley all have their own memories of the Les Paul. One quote by Joe at Rollinstone said, "Les Paul set a standard for musicianship and innovation that remains unsurpassed. He was the original guitar hero, and the kindest of souls. Last October I joined him onstage at The Iridium club in NYC, and he was still shredding. He was and still is an inspiration to us all."

Les Paul was not only known for his amazing guitar playing but also his innovation on the guitar industry, especially the famous Gibson guitar that he designed with the guitar company and later named the Gibson "Les Paul" model. The guitar becomes one of the most popular and used guitars until these days, undoubtedly that should make Les Paul's contribution such an immense to the world of guitar.

Starting his musical career at the age of 13, by becoming a country guitarist semi-professionally before finally taking it as a serious career by the time he's 17. Beside being the one responsible over the creation of the famous Gibson Les Paul guitar, one of the legendary guitarist's notable innovation was the usage of multi-track recording in a song. The method was first used on his 1948 track titled, "Lover (When You're Near Me)", which was released under Capitol Records.

Considering his dedication and contribution to the guitar world for such a long time, Guitar Legends blog would also gives our condolences. RIP Les Paul, may your soul stay at peace up there and may his loved ones are given the strength to carry on and live through his memories with joy.


written by Dewa Nugraha

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