Greg Howe to Do Free Masterclass at Music Villa

Greg Howe announced an exciting news for his fans as he confirmed that he will be doing a master class at Music Villa. The good news is, that the class will be free of charge, so for you guitar heads just go there and catch up with Greg.

Having just finished doing some shows with his new side project band, the Ultimate Zero Project, Greg Howe is getting back to his usual Masterclass and clinic schedules. The latest Masterclass date, Greg has just add is a session that he will do at Music Villa on September 9.

Announcing the news on his official site, Greg stated that the event will start from 7 P.M. and scheduled to end at 9 P.M., moreover with the limited seats at the Music Villa, the guitar virtuoso urged attendants to arrive early. The admission for this Masterclass itself is free of charge, so many guitar heads would likely take this amazing chance and flood the place, so just as Greg said, get there early.

The Masterclass is being supported by DiMarzio and Music Villa itself, for further information about the clinic just log in to Music Villa's official site. Beside Greg there are other musicians that will do clinics or Masterclass there, and all of them are free of charge, just check on their site to see whether anymore of your favorite musicians will be doing clinics there.

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written by Dewa Nugraha

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