George Lynch's Promo Video

The guitar legend posted a new cool video promo on his MySpace page that shows lots of info about him. The clip take the fans to see important stuffs about George's musical career, such as musical influences, music journey and guitar lessons.

Guitar Legend, George Lynch, posted an interesting stuff for fans at his official MySpace page on August 20. The special thing that George posted was his official promo video that has lots of cool features, like his past childhood, influences, lessons and many more.

On the video we can see lots of things from George's musical background and also some cool guitar lessons from his repertoire. The clip also captured glimpse of what the actual DVD might gives the fans beside cool guitar stuffs.

The cool thing about the video is that the fact, George tells us everything about his musical career, from the time he first pick up a guitar, his first band, gears and others. Beside that, the guitar legend also reveals his musical Influences that help him develop his current musical style, the name such as The Beatles, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton was the ones that he mentioned on the clip.

Meanwhile, George himself is actually having a busy months as he has to prepare to do shows with his bands, Lynch Mob and Soul of We. As for Lych Mob, the guitar legend will be doing concerts to promote their new album "Smoke and Mirrors".
For other details regarding George's work or tour schedules please checked out his official site or MySpace page

George Lynch's Promo Video:


written by Dewa Nugraha

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