Eric Clapton to Appear With Bruce Hornsby On Jay Leno Show

The blues legend is set to do a performance with Bruce at the new Jay Leno show that will be premiered this September. The guitar hero will be the special guest of Bruce at the show set to premiere on September 17.

An exciting news arrives for Eric Clapton's fans in the U.S. as the blues guitar legend is set to do a special appearance at a new TV program. Revealing the news on his official site, Eric stated that he will be a guest star for Bruce Hornsby as they will be performing on Jay Leno Show.

Despite confirming that he will be appearing at the show, however there are no additional info on how many songs will Eric play with Bruce and what songs will they played. The show itself is set to be premiered at NBC TV-Affiliates on September 17, moreover beside Eric and Bruce another famous name that will be appearing at the show is Halle Berry.

Beside appearing at the Jay Leno show next September, Eric will also perform at the upcoming Anniversary of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that will be staged on October 29 and 30 at the Madison Square Garden, New York. Eric himself is being tapped by the organizers to headline the second day on October 30 alongside other great names such as, Metallica and U2. More info about the ticket price and everything else can be found at Eric's official site

written by Dewa Nugraha

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