Steve Vai to Release New Live DVD and CD

Having just finished his recent European Master Class tour, guitar legend Steve Vai is preparing to give a special gift to his fans by planning to drop a new Live DVD and Cd titled "Where The Wild Things Are". The new DVD/CD which was taken from Steve's latest performance at the State Theatre in Minneapolis, MN from his "Sound Theories" tour is set to hit the stores on September 29 via Favored Nations records.

Promoting the new items, Favored Nations through their official newsletter, promises fans that the upcoming Live album will be a special one as the 2 hours and 4 minute long set sees some new tracks from Steve and also re-orchestrated pieces of the guitar virtuosos best songs. Desribing what fans will get from the new DVD/CD, the press release from Favored Nations stated, "The 2 hour and 40 minute set contains several new tracks and re-orchestrated pieces culled from his rich catalog. His guitar-wielding extravaganza in 'The Murder' is an artistic performance piece that must be seen to be believed."

Steve's performance on the "Sound Thories" world tour is definitely a special one as beside his predigious achievement as being one of the best guitarists in the world, on the tour and especially that concert n at State Theatre the guitar virtuoso, tap great musicians along with him. The musicians that helped the guitar master are, Bryan Beller (bass), Jeremy Colson (drums), Dave Weiner (guitar and sitar) and Zack Wiesinger (lap steel), with the addition of two violinist Alex DePue and Ann Marie Calhoun.

Those line-up of great musicians are certainly something that Steve always desired as he only wanted to entertain his fans. Speaking about this the former Whitesnake guitarist stated, "When I put a band and a show together I try to create an entertainment experience that I would like to have if I was sitting in the audience. I like to witness great musicianship but nothing too cerebral or overindulgent, I like to be stimulated by a large dynamic range of emotional intensities and melodic richness, I enjoy when people love their instrument and it shows by their oneness with it, I like to feel as though I'm part of a family with the audience and the band, and I like to walk away feeling uplifted and not beat up by somebody's ego or the things they hate about themselves and the world. And of course I want a cool t-shirt."

The new CD will be made available in DVD, Blue Ray and Audio Cd
Performance Track Listing:
1. Paint Me Your Face
2. Now We Run
3. Oooo
4. Building The Church
5. Tender Surrender
6. Band Intros
7. Firewall
8. The Crying Machine
9. Shove The Sun Aside
10. I'm Becoming
11. Die To Live
12. Freak Show Excess
13. Apples In Paradise
14. All About Eve
15. Gary 7
16. Beastly Rap
17. Treasure Island
18. Angel Food
19. Earthquake Sky
20. The Audience Is Listening
21. The Murder
22. Juice
23. Whispering A Prayer
24. Taurus Bulba
25. Liberty
26. Answers
27. For The Love Of God

Pre-order Steve's New DVD at Where The Wild Things Are / Steve Vai
Pre-Orded Steve's New CD at Where The Wild Things Are / Steve Vai

check out a 7 minutes trailer of the new DVD at favored nations
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written by Dewa Nugraha

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