Lynch Mob Announced New Album Details

Exciting news arrived from guitar legend George Lynch, as he announced the official release date for his ban, Lynch Mob's new record titled "Smoke and Mirrors. Announcing the news via his official MySpace page, George stated that the new CD will be released on September 18 in Europe and October 13 in the U.S.

The new record will marked the reunion of Oni Logan and George after they part ways for several years, and the album is also being touted as their best after their debut LP "Wicked Sensation" that was dropped in 1990. Commenting about his excitement about the "Smoke and Mirrors", the guitar maestro, stated "I would say this new record is the album we should have put out as a follow-up to 'Wicked Sensation'... Better late than never, I guess..."

Beside George and Oni, making the new record a worth waiting comeback for Lych Mob fans , the two rockers are joined by great musicians as well, they are Marcos Mendoza on bass and Scot Coogan on drums. The contribution of Marcos and Scot on the new record somewhat pleased George, as revealing his satisfaction over the two's contribution, the ex-Dokken guitarist said, Marco Mendoza is literally a gift from Heaven. How they figured out how to stuff all that talent and goodness into one person I'll never know. they must have made a mistake at the factory! [Laughs] ... then there's Scot Coogan on drums.... baby of the band... he's very solid, very 'Bonham-esque'... not sure if that's a real word!"

Moreover, supporting the release of their upcoming record in September, this fall the band are also planning to do a tour which will cover not only the North America but also Europe. Confirming the news, George stated to the press, "We have been expecting to go out in a support situation with a bigger act in the fall of 2009 to coincide with the release of 'Smoke and Mirrors' and were also expecting to visit Europe as well. It's been way too long since I've played Europe and we need to tour there extensively... last time LYNCH MOB toured Europe was with QUEENSRĊ¸CHE... and I think that was 1991!"

Here is track listing for Lynch Mobs' "Smoke and Mirrors":

01. 21st Century Man
02. Smoke and Mirrors
03. Lucky Man
04. My Kind Of Healer
05. Time Keepers
06. Revolution Hero
08. Let The Music Be Your Master
09. The Fascist
10. Where Do You Sleep at Night?
11. Madly Backwards
12. We Will Remain
13. Before I Close My Eyes
14. Mansions In The Sky (Bonus Track)

written by Dewa Nugraha

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