Greg Howe Explains About Punchy Legato

An interesting guitar lesson, was shared by guitar virtuoso Greg Howe on his latest column at Premier Guitar magazine's August issue. On the column which can also be seen at Premier Guitar's official site, Greg explain about a cool guitar technique, which is called punchy legato.

Explaining about the unique guitar tech Greg wrote on the column, "Punchy Legato is a term I use to describe a hybrid texture containing both legato and staccato characteristics simultaneously." Moreover, the guitar master also added, "Aside from this texture being relatively common in the world of high-speed overdriven guitar playing, it also happens to be the texture I personally prefer most when it comes to playing fast.

Beside giving the explanation, Greg also demonstrate the technique to make guitar heads understand what he meant by punchy legato and the usage of it. Not only giving the tabs, the guitar virtuoso also made a video that showed the fingering positions of the guitar tabs.

In other news, beside busy with his lesson projects, Greg is also gearing up for a tour next August, where her reportedly will be joining in a project band called the "Ultimate Zero Project". On the band, beside the guitar virtuoso, there are other great musicians such as, Simon Philips (drums), Eddie Jobson (Keys/Violin), Marco Minneman (Drums) and and Michael Bernier (stick).

Check out all the news about Greg and his on-line lesson program in his official site

Greg Howe's video lesson for Punchy Legato:

Written by Dewa Nugraha

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