Steve Vai and Andy Timmons at Meinl Guitar Fest Videos

Just as it was scheduled the 2009 Meinl Guitar Festival gives a special show for guitar heads especially with the collaboration between two guitar virtuosos, Steve Vai and Andy Timmons. Both guitarists were giving more than clinics as they also joint forces and played some great songs such as Jimi Hendrix's "little Wing" and also the special "Beat It" in honor of Michael Jackson's recent death.

The guitarist played the songs with great enthusiasm and really get the crowd going, but playing "Beat It" would definitely more special rather at the time as it is an excellent acknowledgment and tribute to the late Michael Jackson. Expressing his excitement in performing one of Michael's greatest hits, before performing it Steve, said to the crowd, "Please enjoy it very much, because we will enjoy performing it for you very much."

Beside collaborating both Steve and Andy actually also did a solo performances that day just before taking the stages together. Meanwhile, before the show, the two virtuosos also did a master class session at noon. The master class seems to be as exciting as the show as according to one of the attendees for Steve's Alien Guitar Secret Master class, who wrote on Steve's official messageboard, stated that the class was, "great great great !All with a lot of humor and a great spirit , so it was also a lot of fun. To me it was a wonderful moment from witch I got more motivation , inspiration and confidence."

Steve Vai and Andy Timmons playing Michael Jackson's "Beat It":

Steve Vai and Andy Timmons playing Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing":

written by Dewa Nugraha

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