Richie Kotzen to Do More European Tour in Fall

After announcing that he will be performing some shows in Italy after finishing his latest South American tour, Richie Kotzen announced more exciting news for his fans as he stated that he will do another tour in Europe this fall. Announcing the news on his official MySpace blog, Richie wrote "I am also planning an extensive European tour for the Fall."

Moreover, providing more details about the upcoming European trip, Richie stated that he would be visiting major European countries for his tour such as, England, Spain, France and others. "I am also planning an extensive European tour for the Fall. We plan on doing shows in the UK, Spain, France and other countries. The series of dates will run from late September until early December," Richie wrote.

However, beside revealing the great news for his fans in Europe, RK also announced that once again he will not be doing an extensive tour in the U.S. this year, although he will be playing a special show at BB Kings on July 28. Explaining about not doing a tour in the North America the sx Mr. Big guitarist said, "I am sorry to say there are no plans for a North American tour at this time however I will be doing a live show at BB Kings in New York City. The show at BB Kings will be on July 28th with my live band. This is sure to be a special event for me as it has been ages since I performed on the East Coast."

Beside the tour news on his MySpace blog, Richie also gives a special stuff for his fans which is a free donwload link for a new version of his song "Remember". But to download the track, fans must join Richie's Mailing list first and after they joined, they will be given a link to download the song for free.

visit also Richie's official web for more info and cool stuffs

written by Dewa Nugraha

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