Marty Friedman Performance at D1 Drift Racing Video

As it was scheduled, ex Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman did a special performance at the D1 Drift Racing Grand Prix on May 23. At the show Marty open his performance up by playing Japanese national anthem's song before performing the songs from his new album.

Marty's appearance at the event itself wasn't his first as it is his second time in a row. Not only that apparently this year's appearance is more special as by being selected to play the Japanese's national anthem, the guitar virtuosos has become the first foreign musician to play the "Kimi Ga Yo" at a major sporting history.

In other news, Marty's performance at the event itself is also a nice advertisement for the release of his new solo album titled "Tokyo Jukebox" that has been dropped in Japan on May 20. The new album itself was being worked for about seven months and it reflects the chaotic lifestyle of Tokyo, its unique music and Marty`s futuristic interpretation of it.
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Marty Friedman's video performing at D1 Drift Racing:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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