Chickenfoot Explain About Avenida Revolution in a Video

The new rock super act Chickenfoot keep pushing and promoting their upcoming new and self titled record which is set to be official dropped on June 9. Beside doing their pre-release tour in some small venues in the U.S. the band started the promo by posting videos about the singles on their new record.

The videos are being titled 12 days of the foot which resembles the tracks on their album, on the first post the band streamed the album's first track Avenida Revolution. Just always the band joke around a lot during the video, especially in the early part of the video.

After the funny and joking opening, each of the band members give their opinion about the song and all revealed that the track is a cool one and really represent the character that they wanted to put on Chickenfoot. Moreover explaining more about the track, Chad Smith, the band's drummer revealed that the song came from Joe and all the members have to do is play their own version from the demo Joe send, and the guitar virtuoso don't even around during the band's recording.

Chickenfoot explains Avenida Revolution video:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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