Steve Lukather Announced New Summer Tour Dates

Having just finished his latest tour that has just ended on April 16 in Croatia, Steve Lukather won't take to much time to rest as he has already set up another road trip dates set for this summer. According to the announcement on his official website, Luke will re-start his long trip on July 7, where he will be taking the stage at Plaza Calderon De La Barca, Locra in Spain and set to end on July 20 at Colossaal, Aschaffenburg in Germany.

The tour that he has been doing since February, is being held in support of Steve's lates solo album "Ever Changing Times" that was released on February 25, 2008. On the album Steve collaborates with lots of musicians as he always does, such as Bill Chamblin, Steve Porcarro, Jeff Babko even his on kids, Trevor Lukather and Tina Lukather. Commenting on working with his own kids previously in an exclusive interview with this blogsite, the former TOTO guitarist's stated that he likes it an "It was a lot of fun."

Meanwhile, Steve himself at the moment has just returned to his home and is still resting after his hecting two months tour. Revealing about his current condition, on his official site Steve wrote, "I am REALLY fucking tired and have been drinking water-sleeping-eating health food, no booze or smokes and letting my mind and body get back to some normality, if there IS such a thing. Hahaha."

Beside preparing for his upcoming summer tour, Steve also reveals that he still have some other projects to be done this year, including finishing George Benson's upcoming record. "I am very happy in life right now and aside from a few bits and pieces, sessions and finishing the George Benson track I am gonna try and chill as much as possible. Lots going on, but I cant say yet. When I can I will," Steve wrote.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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