Rusty Cooley Continues Vocalist Search

New updates arrives from Rusty Cooley via his official MySpace page revealing that he is in search for a vocalist to play with him on his new band with Derek Sherenian. The guitar virtuoso has actually started the hunt for a singer from February 14, however he still open the opportunity to this date. "Thank you for the hundreds of volcal submissions sent in as of February 14th. There were some very good prospects, but the search continues," written on Rusty's MySpace blog.

The upcoming band that Rusty and Derek set will be an aggressive metal band and to meet with their standart, the two set up some criteria for the one that they desire. Here are the things the two musicians look for in a vocalist:
* Must be a U.S. resident
* Must be male
* Looking for hetfield meets meshuggah no prog/operatic (hey abbot) style
If you fit the above criteria, please send your myspace link or mp3 to:

Beside announcing the news about his quest for a vocalist, on his MySpace page Rusty also introduces to his fans about the new guitar column that he did for Premier Guitar, called the Fierce Guitar column, which he did together with Greg Howe. Explaining his excitement about doing the column and working with Greg, Rusty said in the column, "I'm excited to be working with Premier Guitar and Greg Howe on this new series of column, I've been fan of both for a long time."

Moreover, Rusty also added that he is very-very excited about working with Greg and is very-very keen to learn stuffs from the former Michael Jackson guitarist's part. "I can't tell you how cool it is to be working with Greg, and I look forward to what I'm going to learn from his side of the column," Rusty said.

written by Dewa Nugraha

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