Rowan Robertson to Do More Soundtrack Works

Still taking a break from his current band DC4 promo schedule, doesn't mean that rock guitarist Rowan Robertson taking the time off from the music world as he uses his spare time to work on a movie soundtrack. The soundtrack that he will start to work on April 4 to 8 won't be a new one as he is continuing the previous project that he did for an indie movie called "Dirty Step Upstage".

Previously Rowan has actually did work on a soundtrack for the movie, which was titled "I Kissed a Girl in the Red Dress" where Rowan filled in the solo guitar part for the song. It seems that the movie producers were pleased by Rowan's work so they asked him to lend his hand again on the finishing touch for the movie.

However unlike when he was finishing his previous project for the movie on which he was working alone, for the upcoming instrumental project Rowan won't be working by himself as according to the press release on his official MySpace page. For the next scoring production for the movie, Rowan will be accompanied by his old friend a concert violist Juliette Primrose.

Juliette herself has also worked with Rowan on his band DC4's latest record "Explode" in which she showed her stringed qualities on a song titled "This Is What You Wanted". According to the press release their collaboration on the movie is believed to bring a creative and mood setting for the movie's score.

Videos of Rowan Robertson's involvement for "Dirty Step Upstreet" :
Behind the scenes video:

Music Video:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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