Paul Gilbert Videos at MusicMesse 2009

Just as it was scheduled, guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert did his show at the MusicMesse Frankfurt 2009 and some videos of his show on April 4 have been streamed online. On the videos that were uploaded on YouTube, Paul was seen playing some cover tunes of his favorite musicians' track such as Robin Trower, The Doors, Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy and others.

Just like at NAMM, at the MusicMesse beside performing Paul also did other promotional activities for the gears that he uses, which in these case were Ibanez guitars and also Marshal Amps. If in NAMM Paul introduces his Ibanez Fireman and PGM 100 RE, at the event staged in Frankfurt, Paul debuted his PGM 401 and also officialy announced that the PGM 300 will be re-issued for a limited edition.

The MusicMesse is not only the big events for the reunited Mr. Big guitarist, as he will also do other cool stuffs such as giving clinic, master class and also doing a reunion tour with his band. The nearest event for Paul is doing guitar clinic in Italy, which will be started today (April 5). He will be touring the soccer country until April 17.

Another big schedule for the virtuoso giutar player is also the upcoming Mr. Big reunion tour in Japan which will kick off on June 5 at Sapporo and set to end on June 21 at Yokohama Arena. The band's reunion and tour is definitely one of the most awaited events these year as the popular rock band have disbanded for quite some time, proving fans enthusiasm, on the Budokan gig, the tickets have been sold and they have to add another show which will be at Yokohama.

Videos of Paul's Performance at Music Messe

written by Dewa Nugraha

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