Paul Gilbert's PGM 300 to Be Re-Issued

After having his old PGM100RE guitar re-issued, now Ibanez guitar has announced that another classic gear from guitar virtusoso Paul Gilbert is ready to be released again as the celebration of Paul's PGM 20th Anniversary. The guitar that has been picked to be re-issued this time is PGM 300, the decision was made through a vote done by fans and Paul's signature's owner on-line.

The re-issued guitar will be first released at the upcoming MusicMesse in Frankfurt, Germany,and soon after being introduced at the event the guitar will go straight for production again. Revealing the unique thing about the Ibanez PGM300, on the press release send by our friend Jenn from Metalichicka. Paul said, "To me, one of the unique things about that guitar, for whatever reason, was that it cleaned up really nice."

Moreover, Paul also revealed his coolest experience while using that guitar stating, "I remember playing that guitar on the Tonight Show, doing a song called "Just Take My Heart" that had a really clean sound. It just sounded beautiful on that. There was no channel switching necessary. I just plugged it into a cranked up Marshall, turned the volume down, and got this beautiful, clear, shimmering sound. Of course when you crank it up, it was total metal." He then added, "So that was the guitar that my hands have spent the most time on out of any of the PGMs. I think my chest cavity has modified to its shape. It's a very very dear guitar to me. I love it."

In other news, Paul himself is currently preparing himself to do some clinic and tour this coming months including the highly anticipated Mr. Big Reunion tour at Japan, which will start on June 5. Other events that Paul will be attending are the upcoming Frankfurt Musicmesse, which is set to start from 1-4 April and also flying to Italy to do guitar clinics that scheduled to start on April 5 and set to end on April 17. To check out more details about Paul's schedule just visit his official website.

more info about Paul and the PGM300 can be checked out at this links:

update here is a new interview done by Music Radar with Paul Gilbert as he explained all the things about Mr. Big reunion including past problems. There is a nice quote said by Paul on the interview, "Life's too short, you know? If you find something you love and that other people love, why not do it??

written by Dewa Nugraha

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