Paul Gilbert Demonstrates Korg Metronome

Korg have just put out an interesting promo video that showed one of their endorser Paul Gilbert using and giving instruction of how to use the metronome. The metronome that Paul promoted on the video, streamed by the company on April 20 via is their official YouTube chanell, was Korg TM-40.

On the video Paul gives some practices and execrises that can be help guitarist to play better, faster and in time. Guitar virtuoso started with a simple combination lesson of rhythm stuffs with an A minor pentatonic notes. The Mr. Big guitar player also share lots of pattern that can be used with the first lesson.

On the final part of the lesson, Paul give an example of how to play a classical piano piece lick that was originally played by Johann Sebastian Bach, the guitar hero start the example without the metronome first, to show fans what the lick sounds like. After playing without the metronome, the "I Like Rock" singer showed how to play it with the Korg TM-40 at a slow tempo first before speeding up into the original time at 180.

Meanwhile, Paul himself, who has just finished his Italian master class program on April 17 at Verona, at the moment is busy gearing up and preparing for Mr. Big's Japan reunion tour which will start on June 5 at Sapporo and scheduled to end on June 21 at Yokohama. Beside his upcoming schedule with Mr. Big, the guitar master also prepares another clinic in August.

Here is Paul Gilbert demo of Korg Metronome video:

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