Joe Satriani Interview Videos at MusicMesse 2009

The annual MussicMesse event has always been a cool and exciting event for musicians and music lovers to go to, including for guitar hero Joe Satriani who also attended the event, held from April 1-4. At the event, Joe spare his time to do some interviews with TV journalists such Music Radar, Premiere Guitar and Accordo TV.

On the interview with the press, the main topic of the discussion doesn't really have lots of difference as it focuses mainly on his VOX pedals and about his new band Chickenfoot. Joe reveals lots of stories about the process of designing and creating the pedals and also revealing again the story about Chickenfoot's birth process and it's upcoming projects.

Speaking about his VOX "Satchurator"pedal, which won a MIPA award at the event, Joe told Premier Guitar some stories about it, revealing how he would invited some of his friends at his basement to test out lots of amps and distortion so they can figured out the perfect sound for the pedal. Morever, he also stated that there will be more pedals that he plans to release in the future, though the guitar virtuoso refused to reveal any specific details yet.

Meanwhile, on the Chikenfoot story just as it was revealed to the press earlier, Joe said on how that the band started after he got a call from Sammy Hagar to jamm with the former Van Halen singer, Chad Smith and Michael Anthomy at a concert in Vegas and how things were just too good and that's what made them decided to continue the project. Joe also revealed in the interview about the band's tour plan, revealing that after their scheduled tour in the U.S. and Canada ends in September, the band will probably take a short break to give the members chances to finish their own projects.

Here are the interviews with Joe Satriani at Music Messe Frankfurt all done on April 3:

Interview with Music Radar

Interview with Premiere Guitar:

Interview with Accordo TV:

written by Dewa Nugraha

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