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We at Guitar Legends are honored to received an award from our blogger friend Aan, which was given by another friend Kifni. Though this blog's purpose is not to seek or look for many awards, still we appreciated our friends acknowledgments to us. So in receiving this award one must tell the reason they made the blog. Here goes a short story from Guitar Legends.
This blog is basedly created as a means to fulfiled our interest and hobby of music and guitars, so starting in January 2009 with some discussion and preparations we finally launched the blog as an effort to promote and give news about great guitar players and their projects to all of the people all around the world. However beside our noble purpose, we honestly admits that we are also looking for some cash through the blog, and though it hasn't give us much we do hope in time we can get more trust and received an appropriate outcome based on our works.
We know it won't be easy, especially with the financial crisis these days to get alot out of blogging, and getting sponsors to support the blog, we hope that we can keep on providing info and news to all music lovers and also keep promoting works from great guitarists and band out there.
We hope this award could at least help people to ackowledge this blog and the work that we have done till this date to promote amazing and maybe unheard music from great musicians. Once again we appriciated this lovely gift and that's our story.

Dewa Nugraha and Pramadi Darma
Guitar Legends

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